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How it all started: For many years
we vacationed at
Tuttle Lake in
with our friends the
Saft's. This was my first time on a
sailboat, and the beginning of
many great family memories.




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1978 Buccaneer 18 sold.

Stay tuned for updates on the Blue boat

Lake Dubay in Central Wisconsin is the home lake for the sailing season. They have a great
boat yard for storing boats during the sailing season.
Lake DuBay Sailing Association is a
great club. It is a small group, but growing. Club races are held on several Tuesdays and
Saturdays during the summer.

After 20 years away from sailing, I decided to return to the sport. I picked up a 1978
Chrysler Buccaneer from a gentleman in Ohio. The boat was pretty much all original including
the Vector sails. It was a joy to sail in the summer of 2005, and helped to come up with a
winter project list of updates to be done. I was amazed that there is an extremely active
class association, keeping this great design alive. Their support of this design, and active
racing fleets makes for a ton of tech support. Please visit the
Buccaneer Class Association

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